August 2016

Show and Tell Items

Bob Rundquist

Replacement Cribbage pegs, ebony and Corian
Pen, Pepsi can and old blue jeans

Brent Larson

Walnut Pens, variety of finishes including mineral oil and CA glue

Dan Clark


First turning by Peter, gift for sister, boxelder


Close inspection of urns turned by Denis Falch from LaCross Coulee Region Woodturners club

Boxelder bowl and Harry Potter magic wands

John Thorson

Ash thrice-turned bowl, part of June epoxy void filling club presentation
and in need of lightening-up and better foot
Shellac sealer with walnut oil and beeswax finish

Todd VanDeWalker

Walnut root hollow-form vase

Eggs: Black Palm, Canarywood, Chechen, East Indian Rosewood
Osage Orange, Paduak, Purpleheart, Wenge, Zebrawood