June and Jiuly 2016

Show and Tell Items

Bob Koebke

Birdseye Maple, Plywood and Bloodwood segmented bowl, Tung oil
finished bowl and in-progress example for discussion

Winner Segmented Bowl Challenge by President

Bob Rundquist

Pens with various materials used to segment including credit cards of significant other

Jake Appel

Walnut platter

Box, East Indian Rosewood, laquer and oil finish

Box, Big Leaf Maple, laquer and oil finish

Brent Larson

Pens: Rollerball in cherry, Cigar in padauk, Slimline in hickory and spalted hickory

Chuck Grimm

Bowls, boxelder with Waterlox finish

Cherry burl closed form, Waterlox finish

Oak, Cherry and Cedar bowls with Waterlox finish

Dan Clark

Boxelder closed form, turned wet and then re-turned when dry
Closed form Presidential Challenge winner

Boxelder bowl

Dave Daniel

Olive wood

Jerry Huneke

Tool handles, oak towel rod

Oak carving mallet

Ken Buck

Cedar bowl turned dry, Apple bowl and vase both turned wet

Cedar Compote, poly finish
Easy Cast epoxy used to fill void in the side
blue dye added for contrast color

Kevin Myhre

East Indian rosewood and Narra
Metal powder inlay

Mark Behrends

Birch bowl, turned green
Milk paint, base color with top color burnished
followed by walnut oil and beeswax

John Thorson

HIckory and Red elm crotch platters
Shellac sealer with walnut oil and beeswax finish