April 30th, 2015

President's Challenge

Bill Beckman
Challenge Winner for this Month

Apple in apricot with worm, stem
and full scientific explaination of correctness
Wax finish

Scott Shonkwiler

Apple in Eastern Red Cedar, stack and calyx in Cocobolo
Spray poly finish

Todd VanDeWalker

Two apples in maple...
with a bite out of them
Painted with red acrylic

Jerry Huneke

Apple in cherry,
Pencil holder for the teacher

Jake Appel

Apple box in maple
Red stain, oil finish

John Thorson

Two apple boxes
Cherry with Danish Oil finish
Silver Maple with wood dye before Oil finish

Show and Tell Items

Chuck Grimm

Candle holder, wood unknown, wax finish

Milo (Hawaii) very fragrant
wax finish

Koa (Hawaii) salt and pepper shakers with holder
wax finish

Alebesia (monkeypod) plate
Waterlox finish

Dave Dunn

Splated apple box
Waterlox finish

Ash box
Waterlox finish

Bob Koebke

Walnut and plywood
Tung Oil finish

Maple Burl
Tung Oil finish

Darrell Peterson

Walnut box
Beeswax finish

Ash winged box

Split Oak objects
Beeswax finish

Maple box

Dale Eppen

Walnut, Maple and Cherry bowls
Rice bowl influence from recent trip to Japan

Bob Post

Segmented Eggs

Mark Behrends

Birch, green once-turned bowls
with carved features
Jim Sannerud influence
Tung Oil and Beeswax finish

Joe Gyura

Cherry natural edge bowl

John Thorson

Walnut crotch bowl
Oil and Beeswax finish

Red Elm bowl
Oil and Beeswax finish