November 17th, 2011, Show and Tell Items

The first 6 photos are member's answers to the challenge:
"Find a photo of an object that you like and duplicate it."
The submitted object is shown with the photo. Hover over the photos to find the winner.

Tom Paska

John Thorson

Jerry Huneke

Duff Bement

The Winner:  Todd VanDeWalker

Jim Laumann

The Festival of Trees is a charity event for the Hiawatha Homes, Rochester, MN.
ZVW members donate a few of the many ornaments for a tree entered and decorated by the Rochester Woodcarvers.
Over the years, the Woodcarvers' trees have been the festival's most desired trees.
This year's tree will be raffled, and is expected to generate a few thousand dollars for Hiawatha Homes.
The newspaper clipping shows the 2011 tree base, which is an operational miniature carousel, created by the Rochester Woodcarvers.
The finial at the top (donated by ZVW) is removable so that a tree can be inserted.