2017 Programs

2016 Programs

January 26th
Milk Paint Finishing Techniques
Mark Behrends

Mark Behrends presents on the techniques he uses to get the amazing milk paint finish he applies to some of his bowls and other turnings.

Mark started with a discussion of his method for once-turned bowls from green wood and at what point the turning was ready for milk paint.

From mixing the milk paint to application of the base coat, burnishing back, application of the second top coat in a contrasting color with another burnishing. There was a lot going on and it all happened amazing quickly. The end result was the stunning antiqued finish that makes his bowls so popular.

A great presentation and great question-and-answer interaction with the crowd.

Show and Tell

February 23th
Turning the World, Jimmy Clewes DVD
Beer Bowl Project
with live technique demonstration
John Thorson

Jimmy Clewes DVD used for this adventure

Exact dimensions for this project were not given in the DVD so John had to do some scale drawyings to see if the cherry blanks he had on hand would work.

A combination of making the textured area too pronounced and bowl blanks that were a little too thin did not result in a very pleasing prototype calling for some design changes to get the available wood to work for the demo.

The design was adjusted to fit the blank size at hand, reducing the textured area to half.
This blank testing the design change was ready to reverse as an emergency fall-back in case John snapped off the tenon when hollowing the inside during the demo.

As the DVD played John made the cuts using techniques discussed by Jimmy Clewes as he worked through this project.

End result after sanding and reversing to remove that annoying little tenon.

Show and Tell

March 25 - 26th
ZVW Displays and Demonstrates
at the
2017 Rochester Woodcarvers Show

Saturday morning crew sets up the ZVW display

The turnings on display varied over the two days of the show.

All setup and ready for visitors. Mark, Bob and Chuck handled the crowd on the first shift.

Turnings donated by members with proceeds from their sale going to the Channel 1 Food Bank were popular items again this year.

Burls and splated or unusual wood always draw a crowd and lively discussion at the annual Woodcarver's Show.

Bob Post's eggs and segmented turnings were a real crowd pleaser.

March 30th
4 Jaw chucks, Jam chucks, spur drives, Cole jaws, Longworth chucks...
Open discussion and demonstration of work holding devices and techniques
All Members Presenting!

April 27th
Boxes and Carbide Tools
Jake Appel

Jake Appel presents on turning boxes using carbide tools.

Some examples of the boxes Jake creates.

The lid was hollowed quickly with carbide tools and then the recess for the joint was cut.

Next is to turn the inner joint and hollow out the bottom of the box. The carbide tools make quick work of this.

The joint between the bottom and the lid is left a bit tight to serve as a jam chuck as the outside of the box is turned to its final shape.

A good crowd for the box demo.

Instructions from Jake and comments from Heather on making boxes.

Show and Tell

May 25th
Chuck Grimm

Chuck Grimm demonstrates his techniques for turning finials.

Although the larger end of the finial will be held in the four-jaw chuck for the entire turning process Chuck uses the tailstock to support the more delicate end of the finial to keep the vibration to a minimum.

Chuck uses a variety of tools from spindle gouges to skew chisels on his finials.

As the final cuts are made the finial will be turned away from the wood supported by the tailstock.

The four-jaw chuck holds the finial securely during the sanding and finishing operations.

Some of the beautiful finials Chuck turns.

Show and Tell

June 29th
The second turning of twice-turned objects
John Thorson

John Thorson presents on techniques used for the second turning of twice-turned bowls, platters and boxes.

Live demonstration of the second turning of a bowl after several months of air drying.

Using the mark left by the live center when rough turning John cuts a new accurate tennon crucial for reversing the bowl and having it run true.

If the bowl will sit evenly on the four-jaw chuck with no vibration the outside surface of the bowl can be finished turned in this mounting.

The bowl ran true when reversed and so the outside surface did not need to be adjusted.

As the inside surface of the piece is turned it pays to check your progress with calipers.

A 1/2 inch gouge was used for all profiling with the finish cuts done with a 3/8 inch gouge.

Here a standard grind bottom-feeder gouge is used for finish cuts across the bottom where end grain can be a problem.

Clean cuts are the goal for all finish cuts to reduce sanding.

Show and Tell

July 27th
Segmented objects
My Methods and Techniques
Dave Daniel

Dave Daniel presenting on the methods and techiques he uses to create his segmented turnings.

Dave prepared handouts with very precise segment angle and size measurements for one of his favorite forms he believes is suitible for someone starting out in segmented turing.

He talked the members through creating this piece with examples of prepared segments for those wanting a closer look.

The process of cutting the segments accurately and gluing-up in a press to get the desired result was covered in detail.

A step-by-step discussion of how Dave makes his travel mugs proved very informative. Dave turns the object as each ring is glued on the piece permitting very clean cuts and avoiding the need for deep hollow form tools and techniques.

As a new ring is glued on one travel mug the glue is dry on another and Dave can keep turning, nearly a production assembly line.

Care is taken to make sure the mug has good thermal properties and will have a long and useful life for the person purchasing it.

Well done Dave!

Show and Tell

August 12th and 13th
Zumbro Valley Woodturners at
Olmsted County History Center
Days of Yesteryear

As in prior years our space was on the decking outside the wood shop. Good light and good breeze with a great view at parade time.

Each shift of ZVW volunteers filled the display table with turnings. Dave Daniel provided print-outs describing out club with directions to the meeting hall, etc.

Although we put down another layer of plywood and used some large angle irons under the legs the deck bounced like the head of a drum making any effort requiring a heavier cut very difficult. John gave up on turing bowls or boxes on this setup.

The wood shop and cooper (who was not there this year) were part of the kids discovery challenge which helped us get a steady stream of folks stopping by our area.

Gar estimated that Dave Dunn turned 100 tops during his shift. Dave stayed an hour past closing time to handle the crowd. We had several of the folks running the event stop by to thank us for participating.

John turned some whistles for the kids to make sure there was music in the car or camper that night. Some grandparents thought this was a good joke on the parents of the children.

August 31st
Segmented Eggs
Bob Post

Bob Post takes us from the creation of a segmented blank through the actual turning of one of his poplular segmented eggs.

Variety is the key, from veneer-thin sheets to thicker boards alternating colors as they are glued in into thicker boards highlighting the variety of woods used.

These layered sheets are cut at various angles and then glued into a block with a much modified pattern of alterntaing woods.

The last segmented glue-up creates a blank large enough for several eggs. This is cut into blanks sized to make one egg, examples on the table below the larger blank. You can see the soup cans used to hold the eggs as their finish is drying on his left.

Very few specialized tools are used, an experienced eye is the main tool Bob uses.

Bob does use three pencil lines on the blank to guide the proportions giving the egg its familiar curves. Bob turns his eggs with a spindle gouge.

The results are amazing to kids of all ages.

Show and Tell

September 29th
Annual Club Picnic

Ornaments Donated to Hiawatha Homes
Festival of Trees Charity Event

Dave Dunn bird house ornaments.

Chuck Grimm inside-out ornament with turned nativity scene people.

October 26th
Christmas ornaments
Todd VanDeWalker

November 16th
Pens and Pencils
Bob Rundquist

December 14th
Annual Holiday Party

Previous program summaries are in the ZVW Repository

ZVW Mentors Program

One of our club's objectives is to enhance our members' woodturning knowledge and skills. To further this objective, the Zumbro Valley Woodturners has a mentors program. This program encourages a ZVW member to have a one-on-one learning experience with a ZVW woodturner who may have considerable skill in a particular area.

The ZVW members in the following table have volunteered to assist other members in learning more about specific woodturning techniques. Any ZVW member who feels confident in any particular woodturning area is welcome to volunteer to be a mentor.

Scott Shonkwiler
(507) 281-5323
Rochester, MN

Small turnings

Mark Behrends
Zumbrota, MN

Natural Edge Bowls
Green wood turning

Dave Dunn
Rochester, MN

Small Items, Surface Enhancements

Lyle Solem
Rochester MN

All Areas of Turning, Jigs & Fixtures, Small Items

A member who desires assistance in improving a skill, or help with a project, contacts one of the above individuals. A mutually convenient time and place is then arranged for one or more discussion and instruction sessions. This might be in the member's shop with the member using his own lathe and tools, or at the mentor's shop. More than one member may participate in a session if it is agreeable with the mentor.