2015 Programs

2014 Programs

January 29th
Pen Turning

by Scott Shonkwiler

Scott presenting on pen turning

Scott covered all aspects of pen turning in his presentation. He had practical advice in blank preparation, pen mandrel use, pen bushings as well as turning, sanding and finishing. Additional best practices for pen assembly were also discussed.

Scott finishing sanding a pen

The club has quite a few members who are interested in pen turning.

We had quite a crowd for this demo

In the later portion of his presentation Scott demonstrated how to create one of his cigar pens which highlighted the closed-end approach to pen turning.

Some examples of the cigar pens

Show and Tell

February 26th
Jigs and Fixtures

Club members present a wide variety of the jigs and fixtures they have created to help them with their turnings.

Dales Eppen, fluting jig

Sample piece using this jig

Show and Tell

March 26th
Off-Center Turning

by Lyle Solem

Lyle Solem presents on the design aspects as well as the turning techniques related to doing off-center turned objects.

Goblet of similar design using techniques demonstrated by Lyle

Lyle turning on his 3rd center

Lyle discussed each change in axis and how it would affect the design by altering the center of the piece.

ZVW audience for this event

Show and Tell
for this month,
(off-center examples here too)
President's Challenge

March 28 - 29th
ZVW Displays and Demonstrates at the 2015 Rochester Woodcarvers Show

Each year the Rochester Woodcarvers hold a two-day Woodcarvers Show in the 4 H building at the Olmsted Co. Fair Grounds to display their handiwork.

We thank the Rochester Woodcarvers for welcoming the Zumbro Valley Woodturners to join in this event to display our turnings, demonstrate on the lathe and educate the public in the art of woodturning.

Bob and Karin answering questions at the ZVW display table

Bob's segmented turnings always draw a crowd

ZVW volunteers also demonstrated woodturning on our Club's small lathe. We turned honey dippers, easter eggs, finger tops, small bowls and other objects to give away to the crowd.

Chuck Grimm turning a finger top for someone

The Zumbro Valley Woodturners club donated several turnings to the collection of items on the raffle table that the crowd could bid on. All money collected in the raffle is used by the Rochester Woodcarvers to pay for this show, there was no attendance charge.

Chuck Grimm donated very elaborate lamp with a turned lamp shade this year. This donation had a very full 'bid bag', very generous Chuck!

Our Volunteers at this event:

Bob and Karin Post
Lyle and Donna Solem
Chuck Grimm
Mark Behrends
John Thorson
Dave Dunn
Jerry Huneke
Bill Beckman
Darrell Peterson

A big thank you to Chuck Grimm who took on the organizational responsibility required to make this project a success for our club.

April 30th
Twice Turned Boxes

by John Thorson

John Thorson focused on a chapter in the Richard Raffan book, Turning Boxes, taking us through roughing out a box from green wood, air drying and finally to the second turning to create the final box.

Turning Boxes with Richard Raffan

John discussing scraper types and techniques used in turning boxes

John went through the roughing out process where the green wood was left a bit larger than the desired final shape. Even thickness of the roughed-out piece leads to even and thorough drying for the second turning. The end grain of the roughed-out top is taped to the end grain of the bottom to slow dying in this area and avoid cracking.

Rough turned box prepared to air dry

Second turning of silver maple rough turned box with snap-fit lid

The ZVW camera crew used focused lighting and an overhead camera shot to give a clear picture of the various aspects of box turning.

Overhead view of fitting the box bottom to its top

Extra light needed to get a shot of final cuts on the inside of the box

Show and Tell
for this month,
President's Challenge

May 28th
Using Colored Epoxy and Resins to Enhance Turnings

Guest Speaker
Wendell Ziegler

Guest speaker Wendell Ziegler opened his speical-event presentation with an introduction to the various objects and techniques he turns using resin casting.

Wendell brought enough turnings to fill two tables in our meeting hall

The the variety of forms as well as the imagination required (as demonstrated in this bowl full of pine cones) was amazing

Wendell went into great detail on the casting techniques used to optimize the amount of resin required for each piece.

Outer bowl shape repeated on inner form to isolate resin investment to form to be turned

Disposable outer form

Durning the live portion of the presenation Wendell demonstrated the turning techniques used on a number of his forms.

Wendell on the club lathe

Close up of the final stages, adding some color

Wendell talking to the crowd

Show and Tell
for this month

June 25th
Natural Edge Bolws
by Larry Persons

Club member Larry Persons presents the tools and techniques he uses to turn natural edge bowls.

Larry at the club demo lathe

Larry had a number of tips on keeping the bark on the rim of the natural edge bowl

Larry used several sizes of gouge, each ground to fit his technique for the job at hand. His dicription of the tool and its use was very informative.

Larry working on the inside of the bowl

Larry also had a number of sanding and finishing tips for working with natural edge bowls.

Larry's bowl from show-and-tell at the March 2015 meeting

There were a number of interesting questions by the ZVW crowd that Larry answered.

Show and Tell
for this month,
President's Challenge
Snap Tops

July 30th
Christmas Ornaments

by Todd VanDeWalker

Todd turns his angel ornament using four staves, first turning the inside and then pivoting the staves and turning the outside.

Todd at the lathe showing his use of taepe to secure the staves making it very quick and easy to turn things inside-out.

Close-ups on the big screen helped the crowd see the tool technique and each cut made on the inside and outside of the ornament.

The crowd always has a great time when Todd presents and every finds the evening very informative.

Show and Tell
for this month

August 27th
Turning My First Urn

by Dave Dunn

The first urn Dave attempted was to honor a good friend. Review of the wood used and the methods of construction and turning were covered with a verbal discussion of photos taken of the effort.

The big-screen TV was an effective way to let everyone see the photos.

Some sample urns, general guideline is one cubic inch of volumn for each pound of weight.

Zumbro Valley Woodturners at this event.

Show and Tell
for this month

September 24th
Annual Club Picnic

The main agenda for the September meeting was of course good food and good company.

The club members and their families are ready to eat

We had a good turn-out this year

Good food and good company

Show and Tell
for this month

October 17th
9:30am to 4:30pm

All day event

From a Log to a
Finished Wooden Bowl
in the Nordic Style

with Jim Sannerud

link to details

A few of the bowls reviewed during the design portion of the day

Jim discussing bowl design, carving techniques, painting and other embelishments

Green wood turning techniques at the lathe, both tools and the various cuts made with them as well as balancing the grain and other details were covered in depth.

All members turning on this day were given individual instruction by Jim. Here the design Joe was working on had some design hints on the flip chart as well as tool technique instruction.

Mixing and applying the milk paint. Some review of color mixing happened outside on this fine day to show the difference natural light makes in the tones as well as how the differences in wood texture influences the color.

Some of the bowls turned by club members during this event

October 29th
Enhancing Turnings with Piercing

by Chuck Grimm

Chuck Grimm takes us through basic piercing techniques.

Chuck used a surplus dental drill and several types of bits in this presentation

The big screen helped the members see the action

Protective gloves, eyewear and other aspects of performing piercing in a safe manner were stressed

The crowd

Show and Tell
for this month

November 19th
Artistic Bowl Design

by Mark Behrends

Mark Behrends leads a group discussion on artistic bowl design.

Mark introduced each aspect of bowl design before engaging the crowd in a discussion on the topic. Mark had prepared hand-outs and used visual aids to help focus on each design aspect.

Mark referenced Richard Raffan's book 'The Art of Turned Bowls' to provide deeper background information on each aspect of the design critique discussion.

A wide variety of bowl designs were brought in by members for this activity making the event both informative and fun for all.

Show and Tell
for this month

December 31th
Annual Holiday Party

We met on December 21st at the New Haven Town Hall.
The treats brought in by everyone were enjoyed by all.
Chuck & Cheryl Grimm brought in and prepared the coffee for us this month.

Thank you everyone for attending and making it an enjoyable evening.

Many donations were brought in for the raffle.
Everyone enjoyed something about the raffle.
The raffle generated $80.00 for our club.

Show and Tell
for this month

Previous program summaries are in the ZVW Repository

ZVW Mentors Program

One of our club's objectives is to enhance our members' woodturning knowledge and skills. To further this objective, the Zumbro Valley Woodturners has a mentors program. This program encourages a ZVW member to have a one-on-one learning experience with a ZVW woodturner who may have considerable skill in a particular area.

The ZVW members in the following table have volunteered to assist other members in learning more about specific woodturning techniques. Any ZVW member who feels confident in any particular woodturning area is welcome to volunteer to be a mentor.

Bill Beckman
Zumbrota, MN


Dave Dunn
Rochester, MN

Small Items, Surface Enhancements

Lyle Solem
Rochester MN

All Areas of Turning, Jigs & Fixtures, Small Items

A member who desires assistance in improving a skill, or help with a project, contacts one of the above individuals. A mutually convenient time and place is then arranged for one or more discussion and instruction sessions. This might be in the member's shop with the member using his own lathe and tools, or at the mentor's shop. More than one member may participate in a session if it is agreeable with the mentor.