ZVW Mentors Program

One of our club's objectives is to enhance our members' woodturning knowledge and skills. To further this objective, the Zumbro Valley Woodturners has a mentors program. This program encourages a ZVW member to have a one-on-one learning experience with a ZVW woodturner who may have considerable skill in a particular area.

The ZVW members in the following table have volunteered to assist other members in learning more about specific woodturning techniques. Any ZVW member who feels confident in any particular woodturning area is welcome to volunteer to be a mentor.

Scott Shonkwiler
(507) 281-5323
Rochester, MN

Small turnings

Mark Behrends
Zumbrota, MN

Natural Edge Bowls
Green wood turning

Dave Dunn
Rochester, MN

Small Items, Surface Enhancements

Lyle Solem
Rochester MN

All Areas of Turning, Jigs & Fixtures, Small Items

A member who desires assistance in improving a skill, or help with a project, contacts one of the above individuals. A mutually convenient time and place is then arranged for one or more discussion and instruction sessions. This might be in the member's shop with the member using his own lathe and tools, or at the mentor's shop. More than one member may participate in a session if it is agreeable with the mentor.