ZVW display at the 2012 Rochester Woodcarvers Show.

July 27th
Segmented objects
My Methods and Techniques
Dave Daniel

Dave Daniel presenting on the methods and techiques he uses to create his segmented turnings.

Dave prepared handouts with very precise segment angle and size measurements for one of his favorite forms he believes is suitible for someone starting out in segmented turing.

He talked the members through creating this piece with examples of prepared segments for those wanting a closer look.

The process of cutting the segments accurately and gluing-up in a press to get the desired result was covered in detail.

A step-by-step discussion of how Dave makes his travel mugs proved very informative. Dave turns the object as each ring is glued on the piece permitting very clean cuts and avoiding the need for deep hollow form tools and techniques.

As a new ring is glued on one travel mug the glue is dry on another and Dave can keep turning, nearly a production assembly line.

Care is taken to make sure the mug has good thermal properties and will have a long and useful life for the person purchasing it.

Well done Dave!

Show and Tell

2017 Days of Yesteryear Event

Welcome to the Zumbro Valley Woodturners' Home Page

We are a club of novice, intermediate, and experienced woodturners who enjoy turning wood, helping fellow members improve their skills, and encouraging non-members to learn the skill of woodturning.

Like many woodturning clubs, we hold monthly meetings where equipment is available for demonstrations and hands-on learning, and our lending library of woodturning books and videos is available to all members. After a very brief business meeting, usually a club member, but occasionally a visiting "dignitary," will give a presentation or a demonstration on a topic such as wood harvesting and preparation, wood species and properties, tool selection, tool sharpening, tool making, lathes and accessories, gluing up and bandsawing blanks, finishing, painting, burning, displaying, pricing, photographing, and oh, yes, turning techniques for platters, bowls, vases, boxes, spindles, ornaments, and more. A meeting also usually has a show and tell session and sometimes a wood raffle.

Some of us have turnings for sale in galleries or sell at craft shows. Some of us turn only for personal use or for presents for our friends and relatives. All of us turn for pleasure and the joy of accomplishment.

Club membership is by household and dues are $25 annually payable at the start of each calendar year. High school and college students interested in woodturning are invited to be student members at no charge. To serve on the ZVW Board of Directors, a club member must also be a member of the American Association of Woodturners.

If you think you may be interested in woodturning, drop by one of our meetings shown in the right side bar. Visitors are always welcome.

Enhance your woodturnings with carvings. Learn to carve, or improve your carving skills at our SE Minnesota carving club.

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The Zumbro Valley Woodturners meet on the last Thursday of every month except November and December. In November and December, meetings are scheduled prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Exceptions are posted below.

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