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Sept 28
Well the exterior got pretty well buttoned up this week with the exception of the concrete apron outside the doors. It got it's Pecan colored paint job. Electrical rough-in and, HVAC rough-in are happening this week, insulation and sheetrock getting delivered, overhead door.

Sept 22
We had a stoppage of work for 2 weeks while we were out of town the first two weeks of September, just weren't comfortable with anyone being on the property while no one was home. Rough framing inspection got completed last Tuesday, then lost the rest of the week as we prepared for a shot from the hurricane that hit Cabo, but the remnants turned east and went to Texas. We lost the week other then getting the inspection done. The neighbors had 5 inches in their rain gauge when the got back in town the first week we were gone in September.

Late August, finally ready for the shop floor!

Pictures of new shop construction August 7, 2014
Brick layer and his helper showed up yesterday and finished the block foundation, first picture is where it was on 7/19 when work stopped due to the Flood Control department wanting a Certificate of Elevation, second picture is the end of day on 8/7. Waiting on the foundation inspection this morning, that will allow the block walls to be back filled, and then the block walls to be filled with grout.

7/19 Stopped awaiting Cert of Elevation and County inspection

8/6 block work completed today, and notches cut for man door and garage door.

Pictures of new shop construction July 19, 2014
Today, walls coming out of the ground, the two deep corners have to be inspected at the 5 foot high level, and then the rest of the block will get laid to bring it all up to the same height (Monday?). Block on the walls gets finished this coming week, back filling the foundation and compaction, holes in the blocks get filled with grout, and the floor slab will get poured Friday, if all goes per the plan this week.

Wayne Van Every: Reproduced Spindle

Wayne Van Every: Large Winged Bowl - Outside

Wayne Van Every: Large Winged Bowl - Inside

Therapy Turnings

Therapy Turnings

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