Gallery of Scott Shonkwiler

Streptohedrons with spray poly finish

Inside-out turning, ash with cocobolo finial, walnut oil finish

Inside-out turning, oak, walnut oil finish

Oak Ornament
Satin Spray Poly

President Challenge - Bee Hive

Music Box
Base: Black Walnut
Lid: Rock Maple
Finial: Honduran Rosewood
Finish: Walnut Oil

President Challenge Winner - Christmas Ornaments
Body: Cedar and Purpleheart
Top Finial: Yew
Bottom Finial: Koa
Spray Matte Poly finish

Acrylic Pens

Acorn box/top
top Leopardwood, bottom Yew
top testing platter Maple
walnut oil finish

Apple in Eastern Red Cedar, stack and calyx in Cocobolo
Spray poly finish

Cocobolo, Yellowheart and Corian Ring
CA Glue finish
Challenge Winner for March 2015

Cyprus Hollow Form
MinWax Wipe-on Poly finish

Pen with Megnetic Holder
The pen is cocobolo and the holder is Burmese Blackwood
with embedded cap from a tasty beverage
Finished with Friction Polish and Canauba Wax