Gallery of Irv Miller

Picture top and stand, butternut

Assortment of small boxes

4 canes

Spalted maple and walnut

Bone and green ash

Spalted maple and walnut

Several spindle-turned items

2013 2 x 4 Challenge Entry - Irv Miller and John Thorson Collaborating

5" tall spalted maple vase

5-1/2" diameter spalted white oak bowl with burl and bark inclusions

5-1/2" diameter redwood bowl

12" diameter urn style table of butternut with carved lion's paws

24 1-5/8" diameter Christmas bells of various native woods

3" diameter lilac vases

3" diameter spalted maple spittoon vase

Cherry dreidels

Irv Miller<br>

3" diameter walnut box with spalted maple inlay

Laminated walnut and spalted maple

A variety of small items
and a homemade chattering tool

A small bowl of bottle stoppers

A set of tops for a desktop conversation piece

6" butternut bowls

6" butternut bowls

Tops for Christmas tree ornamentation

10" butternut bowl

Set of three butternut platters: twelve, fourteen, and sixteen inch diameters

Boxelder pieces. The largest bowl is 12 inches in diameter

Corn ear pens

Walnut pens on a walnut display stand

A variety of small boxes in walnut, cherry, butternut, and spalted maple

An antique school bell with 11 reproductions in walnut
Uninstalled clappers in the foreground

A set of pet cremation urns of walnut and spalted maple
The pair of small urns are keepsakes for the family's two sons

Two dozen eggs plus one in basswood and butternut

Walnut dining room set with 90 spindles

A pair of walnut end tables