Jim Sannerud
From a Log to a Finished Wooden Bowl in Nordic Style

Saturday October 17thth, 2015 from 9:30am to 4pm

Photo from his travels this summer
Did you catch Jim on Minnesota Original?
Jim teaches regularly at North House Folk School

The Zumbro Valley Woodturners are proud to announce an all-day class (9:30 am to 4:00 pm) with Jim Sannerud to be held Saturday October 17th, 2015 at the New Haven Town hall.

Jim is an accomplished professional wood turner and carver.  Jim’s award winning works flow from his interpretation of a Nordic folk-art style.  Most of his works are utilitarian in nature, turned ‘green’ and finished all in one session on the lathe.  Many of Jim’s works have some degree of carving and painting on them.  When coloring the piece Jim often uses a multi-colored burnished milk paint method.  We will be ‘doing it all’ in this one-day session!

Morning half of the session

Jim will take us from the tree to a finished turning with a perspective on getting the most out of a log.  We will do the chainsaw work on the logs on the grounds outside of the meeting hall, weather permitting.  Jim will discuss his plan for roughing out bowl blanks from a log half and cover some details of chainsaw safety and technique before using a band saw to get the blank ready to turn.

There will be one turner per lathe as Jim takes us through the creation of one of his wooden bowls.  The birch turning blanks will provided by Jim, his preferred northern hardwood.  Additional blanks will be provided by the ZVW club. Students are to bring a ½ inch bowl gouge as the only tool we will use to create our bowls.  The club will provide a bench grinder for sharpening your tools.

Size of class limited to one turner per lathe with a maximum of 8 ‘midi’ lathes in the hall.  Others may attend this morning session to watch and listen.

Lunch break – Attendee must supply their sack lunch; coffee will be provided
Jim will discuss his summer travels and education in Nordic woodworking from carving to chair making.

Afternoon half of the session

Jim will take us through painting and carving in his style.  This part of the day will open up the hands-on experience to all paid attendees.  Others may attend this session to watch and listen.

You may carve and paint on a bowl or any other wooden object you bring with you… even a flat board.  Jim will help us focus on working with the grain as we carve on our objects to enhance their folk-art appeal.  Jim suggests you bring a carving gouge unless you are well practiced with a carving knife.



·       $50 for Zumbro Valley Woodturner member, all day with lathe privileges

·       $25 for Zumbro Valley Woodturner member, carving and painting afternoon session with NO lathe privileges

About Jim

Summary from his website: Jim Sannerud's Website  Note: all photos of bowls were taken from Jim’s website; it is worth taking a look at his gallery.

With over 30 years of experience working with wood, Jim Sannerud’s passion for craft comes from respecting and working with the natural order of wood, the beauty of its movement, and the incredible adaptability of different parts of the tree.

Jim enhances these natural elements by leaving the raw imprint of his interaction with the tree — tool marks, hand carving — to make useful pieces honoring his Scandinavian heritage. 

Jim has studied in Sweden and Northern Europe, Jim’s love of the raw folk art of these areas results in work that is vibrant, organic, and just fun. His greatest joy comes from teaching others skills with the knife and lathe, sharing his “infectious enthusiasm,” and empowering them to create.


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